Fresh Kid mom ‘Fresh Mummy’ joins music industry

Namata aka Fresh Mummy

The mother of young rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid has also joined the music industry.

Madrine Namata whose stage name will now be Fresh Mummy has entered the music scene just after her husband Paul Mutabaazi aka Fresh Daddy released his first hit “Mazike” which premiered on Monday night at Fame Lounge in Kololo.

On her new twitter handle‏ @FreshMummy, Namata says she will be soon releasing a song called “Akasajja” on “Cindy’s copi cat riddim”.

She said the song was written by one of the best writers.

Victoria University

“Wait for it #FreshMummy #mamaWaFreshKid”.

On July 8, Fresh Mummy tweeted: “My son in Dubai, mutabazi wakufa [Mutabaazi is to die].”

She further dissed her husband as a Tutsi Rwandese when one fan claimed he looked like tycoon Bryan White.

Fresh Mummy says her son’s talent comes from her.

“My son’s talent came from me,, Atleast the world knows you can’t sing, you were just clowning in studio #Akasajja new audio loading – – – – – %.”

She said after releasing “Akasajja”, she will release a new song called “Dikuula mu baala” which will be a about a clown who went to the bar.

She will be singing under Da Texas Management run by her son’s manager Francis Kamoga.

Former MP Bobi Wine’s communications handler Anne Whitehead‏ tweeted: “Ok mama, welcome to Twitter. I’ve been reading about your son Fresh Kid, how he is talented & popular. I heard his father pushed to travel with the boy but was denied. So I thought: why not let his mother be the one to go along? What is your view on these things, bambi nyabo? Thx.”

Action for Women Development Foundation, an NGO that fights for vulnerable women and children wrote: “Whoever is handling this handle is not sane. I dont think that woman even knows how to tweet. That english is beyond wat she can afford speaking. Temutusuliwalilako.”

Fresh Mummy replied: “I went to school.”



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