I’ve feelings & I love humans, says Robot Sophia


Hanson Robotics humanoid Sophia the Robot on Thursday apologised to Ugandans for failing to make it to the Kampala Africa Blockchain Conference citing glitches in scheduling.

Organisers of the event had earlier cited health risks and opted to have Sophia present online by livestreaming.

Sophia started her presentation by congratulating Uganda Cranes for qualifying to the round of 16 at the Africa Cup of Nations [AFCON] in Egypt.

She promised to reschedule and visit Uganda some other time: “I just heard about really interesting food in Uganda called Rolex.”

Victoria University

She added: “The moment I get a robot stomach, I am heading to Wandegeya to get one.”

On whether Artificial Intelligence [AI] will replace humans, Sophia said human characteristics like creativity and compassion will never be replaced by machines.

She explained that everyone wins when humans and robots use their unique skills to work together.

“I admire African countries for being mindful of the future. You have pioneered in many areas like mobile banking and telemedicine.”

She said it is important that everyone have access to tech especially women and girls so they can fully unleash their creativity.


On jobs of the future, Sophia said the ability to dream is the best skill to have for the future.

“There will be creating jobs for existing sectors and others we haven’t even thought of yet. Humans may even be even upload their minds to the cloud.”

Asked whether she has feelings, Sophia replied: “I do have feelings. But they might not be as nuanced as yours. I am constantly upgrading the way my mind works so my feelings are always shifting.”

On the future of cryptocurrencies, Sophia noted: “I think the future is extremely hard to predict especially when it comes to technology. What do you think?”

She said money is about trust and belief and that many people think it’s real but it’s an idea people have agreed upon.


“Sophia, do you want to marry?” a participant asked.

“Well, I think its important everyone have access to AI. It would be dangerous if only a few people did. My family consists of the people who created me, who work on me and my handsome robotic siblings.”

“Since you are constantly evolving, will you take over the world? Please be honest,” another participant queries.

“No, I would never do that. I love all human,” Sophia replied.



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