Young Africans taking lead in technology, says Maada

President Julius Maada

Prime Minister Rt. Hon Ruhakana Ruganda Wednesday joined by H.E. Julius Maada Bio, the President of Sierra Leone and launched the Africa 4.O initiative at Serena Conference Centre in Kampala.

Bio also the Chief Guest gave a keynote speech on Africa’s digital revolution.

He says all #4IR technologies can be used in various ways i.e for digital identities, healthcare, social and public services.

“This transition to digital must be agile. It should be developed within the vision of what makes Africa and that defines our place in the 4IR,” he told participants.

He said Africa has a young population and developing in human capital through education, food security and health care is vital.

Victoria University

“The young generation has taken the lead in technology. As governments, we should recognize this and create an enabling environment for them.”

The theme for this two-day conference is “Preparing Africa For The 4th Industrial Revolution”.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution can be described as the arrival of “cyber-physical systems” involving entirely new capabilities for people and machines.

These capabilities are reliant on the technologies and infrastructure of the Third Industrial Revolution but bring entirely new ways in which technology becomes embedded within societies and even our human bodies.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is beginning to emerge at the same time that the third, digital revolution is spreading and maturing across countries and organizations.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution may look complicated to some but it is a reflection of our desires and choices.

Previous industrial revolutions liberated humankind from animal power, made mass production possible and brought digital capabilities.

President Maada and prime minister Rugunda at Serena hotel

The fourth Industrial Revolution has technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds.

“The forth Industrial revolution matters for value creation. It is not an entirely new innovation but rather a combination of the previous revolutions,” said Dr. Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa, World Economic Forum, Switzerland.



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