Fresh Kid devastated as music career faces ruin

Fresh Kid

The ongoing struggle between Paul Mutabaazi, father of young rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo and his manager Francis Kamoga is threatening to end the starting career of the sensational artist.

Social media is awash with reports that Kamoga terminated his working contract with the baby but was able to confirm that it is not the case.  

Apparently, Kamoga accuses Mutabaazi of too much meddling and “not depositing money on Fresh Kid’s account yet I give his father money after every performance”.

In the new contract, Manager Francis takes 20% of the proceeds, 10 to the mother, 20 to the father, 30 to De Texas Management and balance thereof which is 20% is banked on Fresh Kid’s bank account.

Victoria University

The newly appointed shoe ambassador has been knocking heads with Kamoga, jeopardising the contract [not yet terminated] he has with the son.

At the moment, Fresh Kid’s musical journey is at stake and very unclear.

Inside sources told on Thursday that the boy who now schools at Kampala Parents is devastated and confused.

Mutabaazi and his son at school

He has since released “Am a Victim”, a song in which he narrates his plight.

Dubai saga

The conflicts intensified when Fresh Kid was invited to perform in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on July 7 and 8, 2019.

Mutabaazi insists he too must fly to UAE with his son who is expected to perform at a cultural festival.

Mutabaazi insisted that if the Dubai promoter cannot afford three tickets then he should forget about having Fresh Kid at his cultural show.

“If the show promoter cannot work on three air tickets then they better forget about that show. We will get another deal.”

The Bambi singer’s father insisted on traveling with his son as he noted that the contract clearly stipulates that he has to travel with him and it’s also huge blessing on his side.

Uganda’s head of traditional healers Mama Fina promised to inject Shs3m in Mutabaazi’s business and also pay for his ticket to London.

Fans threaten boycott

Fresh Kid was supposed perform at the North Carolina awards in USA but because the dad insisted on tagging along, the promoter cancelled.

After the USA show being cancelled, now Fresh Kid faces a boycott in UAE if he travels with his father.

He is the main performer at Delmon Boutique, Hotel Deira on July 7 before heading to Abu Dhabi the next day for the Comedy, Music, Dance and Drama.

Fresh Kid will share the stage with Stainless, a Dubai based artist.

Francis Kamoga

DJ Rham of Rham Events who organised the event says he has issues with Fresh Kid’s dad because while getting into this deal, “I got in touch with Fresh Kid’s manager, Francis Kamoga and we had kind of settled everything, that was when the young rapper’s parents were getting along”.

“If they continue like this, unfortunately, it will be Fresh Kid to lose out and his talent will be buried just like that,” Rham warned.

The fans are insisting that if Fresh Kid’s dad comes along, they will snub the event.

This Saturday, Fresh Kid will be in Jinja at Kakindu Stadium for the “Purple Party”.

On Sunday, he will perform live at the Uganda Museum for the DJ Nimrod “White Party”.



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