Bebe Cool roots for TB screening points

Bebe Cool meeting health ministry officials and members of Buganda Royal family

Singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has today held a consultative meeting with a team of Ministry of Health officials led by the National TB Programme Manager Dr Stavia together with members of the Buganda Royal family, TB survivors, Health Activists, Defeat TB team and the media.

Bebe Cool is the Global TB Ambassador under the flagship of Amber Heart Foundation.

The objective of this consultation was to exchange ideas on the most creative ways to make Ugandans aware of the danger associated with not “knowing your TB status”.  

In this meeting, they agreed that more aggressive tactics need to be used to make every Ugandan know that as long as “you have an open nose and lungs, you are susceptible to getting TB and that it kills if you do not get treatment right away”.

Victoria University

He said this treatment is FREE by the way.

They also agreed to engage women and girl children in this fight against TB by empowering them to attract men who make up the biggest percentage of TB patients.

Bebe Cool proposed to the NTLP team to introduce screening points at all health centre entrances as a means to finding missing TB patients.

“I would like to thank my team at Amber Heart Foundation and all the stakeholders for this fruitful consultation,” Bebe Cool said.

He added: “TB kills if not treated. Know your status by asking to be screened at the nearest health centre before you spread it to your loved ones.”



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