Police cautions pilgrims on security threats, missing kids

Polly Namaye

Police has cautioned pilgrims, who come with children, to, at all times, be with them to avoid incidents where they will get lost.

This time round, representatives from Child and Family Protection Department has established a tent that will act as temporary ground where lost children will be kept.

“Parents will be able crosscheck in the tent whenever your child is missing,” said police deputy spokesperson, Polly Namaye.

“We shall also put up a complaint desk where cases like thefts, or loss of property or persons will be registered.”

Pilgrims are advised to come with only essential items. Items that can cause harm to others or breach security will not be allowed in and out of the shrines, she said.

“We shall also have our health teams on standby in the health tent which has already been set up at the shrine.”

Ambulances from the UPF, UPDF, Ministry of health and Red Cross have been stationed at the shrines.

“Poor hygiene can also be a security threat, so we implore all the pilgrims to keep hygiene at this year’s Martyrs Day.”

Service providers are requested to keep time as per the church communication.

NO service provider will be granted access to set up their station at the venues on 3rd June. This will be done to help security in planning and also looking for threats early enough.

The residents in the neighbourhood are asked to be patient with these guidelines.

“Lastly, we would want to caution the public to be aware of their environment and report any suspicious persons or activities to police.”

The Police and its sister security agencies will be working with other stake holders like religious leaders as well as ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities to see that this year’s martyrs day celebrations ends successfully.

“The Public and pilgrims are advised to call the numbers below in case of any threat or emergency. Namugongo Police Helplines: 1. Catholic shrine Toll Free : 0800300102, 2. Anglican Church Toll free :0800300108, 3. Mamire (New site) :0800199192, 4. 999, 5.112.”



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