Filmmaker on the run over gay films

Joseph Mabirizi

A local filmmaker Joseph Mabirizi Busuulwa is currently on security wanted list for allegedly producing homosexuality movies.

Mabirizi, a film maker with Makindye based film Studio Group 7 Works was last month arraigned in court after spending over two weeks in detention.

State agents raided Mabirizi’s home in search of film footage which he is accused of distributing.

He was charged with among others kidnap, abduction, slavery and possession of firearms before being granted bail. He disappeared afterwards.

According to his lawyer, Farouk Kiggwawo Kitaka of Nsereko Mukalazi & Co. Advocates, Mabirizi is being witch-hunted for his sexual orientation.

Kitaka says Claire Nabagesera, the person Mabirizi is accused of kidnapping was a good friend of his who left the country weeks ago.

According to Kitaka, Nabagesera’s fiancé, a high ranking security official, was arm-twisting the law to bring down his client since he assisted her to go to Europe.

The suspect was arrested the next morning after he returned from a trip to Netherlands on April 23 where he had travelled with Nabagesera.

The operatives searched his house but failed to get any evidence implicating him to any wrong doing.

They instead confiscated his two phones, laptop, Visa cards and some documents.

Minutes later they handcuffed, face masked him and drove with him in a white double cabin to a safe house. They also tortured him.

Security, however, claims to have found homosexuality scripts and films at Mabirizi’s home.

His latest movie project in Kasese was in one way or the other promoting homosexuality in Uganda and when they raided his home in April, the officers landed on scripts and movie clips about the vice.

It is also alleged that when he travelled to Netherlands, he was going to receive funding to promote homosexuality back home.

His lawyer says Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has already summoned Mabirizi over the case.

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 was passed on 17 December 2013 with a punishment of life in prison for “aggravated homosexuality”.



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