Kenyatta, Ruto donate Raila for British PM job

Ruto, Raila and Kenyatta

There was drama at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Nairobi when the Kenyan deputy president William Ruto offered the country’s opposition politician Raila Odinga to Britain as their new prime minister.

The Thursday prayer breakfast, held at Safari Park Hotel, was attended by politicians, religious leaders and South Sudan President Salva Kiir.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Ruto turned the ceremony into a comic show when they delved into British politics singling out the recent resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Lord Michael Hastings, a member of UK’s Upper House and one of the speakers at the breakfast, wondered whether Kenya could spare one of its leaders to take up the British PM job.

Ruto offering Raila to Britain
Victoria University

“We are just wondering if you have a spare prime minister around,” Dr Hastings said as the guests broke into laughter.

Ruto was quick to respond: “We have a retired one in Kenya and since the constitution has abolished that position in Kenya, and he may not have it anytime soon, we will send you his CV, maybe you can consider.”

Kenyatta then chirped in, offering to donate a few more Kenyan politicians to take up leadership positions in United Kingdom, joking that it would give him a “peace of mind”.

President Kenyatta addressing the prayer breakfast

“You have been given an offer for one person… I have more people, I can donate to you for the next 3 years for me to have peace,” Kenyatta said.

Former Prime Minister, ODM leader and African Union Special Representative for Infrastructure, Raila Odinga, travelled out of the country on Wednesday and could not attend the event.

Last week, a teary UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigned after she failed to deliver a Brexit deal and lost the support of her own MPs.



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