KCCA to collect garbage for free in slums- Kamya

Hon Kamya addressing the media about waste management.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) will very soon gazette and announce low income areas which will get free garbage collection services, Kampala Minister Hon. Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has said.

“Please don’t throw garbage everywhere, KCCA has been mandated to collect it. With consultations done prices will be affordable,” she told press Tuesday at Uganda Media Centre.

“For public institutions KCCA was doing the service and will continue to do it. Now we are engaging in private too. Let’s Keep Kampala Clean.”

Kamya said in most markets there are leadership, ownership and garbage collection scandals.

Victoria University

These are some of the issues that were brought before President Museveni and Cabinet.

She said the traders believe they pay taxes so KCCA should collect the garbage.

Based on findings during consultations, Cabinet under chairmanship of Museveni decided; to appreciate there is a visible improvement in cleanliness since 2015 when KCCA decided to partner with the Private Sector through a PPP arrangement.

“Other people are requested to continue paying for the garbage collection services and adhere to decisions of KCCA.”

Cabinet approved the review of the Government of Uganda Policy to outsource Garbage collection Services in Kampala city.

i.      Approved that the contracts of Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture Company, Homeklin (U) Ltd and Kampala Solid Waste Management Consortium be extended for another one year to allow Government to work out a comprehensive mechanism of garbage collection, management and recycling.

ii.      Approved that KCCA continues with the Policy of outsourcing garbage collection services except in very low income settlements (slums) where KCCA should collect the garbage its self.



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