Muntu doesn’t have silver bullet to turn 2021 around- Nsereko

MP Muhammad Nsereko

On Tuesday, Gen. Mugisha Muntu launched his Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party which has since become a subject of debate with many hoping it can present the clean politics lacking in the Ugandan scene.

Kampala Central MP Hon Muhammad Nsereko says the lack of a value based campaign in Uganda is what has brought “us to where we are”.

Appearing on NBS television, Nsereko said Gen. Muntu has to be patient, learn to resolve conflict, speak out a goal just like President Museveni rolled out the 10 point programme.

He said Muntu alone doesn’t have the bullet that can turn 2021 around and that the issue here is the presidential syndrome in the opposition.

Victoria University

“If we sober up and stop political cannibalism, we can define the goal and see where we have the advantage.”

He added: “You don’t create political parties for rivalry; they should be formed for competition.”

Hon. Nsereko noted that politics of sloganeering and “political nkokonkulu” denies opposition the value of the content within the leaders as a basis for people to make a choice.

“The democratic system that we have is built on transition of power through elections.”

He explained: “We have built our politics on individuals. When these individuals fade, the parties collapse. We have to embrace the system of building political organisations based on values.”

According to Nsereko, Gen. Mugisha Muntu alone with due respect doesn’t have the silver bullet that can turn the 2021 elections around but needs the unity of all the other parties against Museveni.

Lawyer Robert Kirunda thinks Gen. Muntu has two advantages; he commands respect in the opposition and he is a good strategist.

“You can’t be an army commander when you are not a good strategist. I think this is an issue of character, if Gen. Muntu was to be soiled, it would have happened long time ago.”

Kirunda asked Ugandans to give Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) a chance saying the clock is now ticking and that ANT is a party to watch.

“If I was NRM, I would watch ANT. Never underestimate your opponent.”

Kirunda says Gen Muntu has been one of the most vocal forces in the opposition for institutions and that’s important.



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