ANT party no threat to NRM, says Col Bantariza

Col Shaban Bantariza

Deputy Government Spokesperson, Rtd Col. Shaban Bantariza says the Alliance for National Transformation [ANT] party led by Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu is not yet a threat to the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM].

NRM has the advantage of having membership at every village and that is why it’s called a mass party, Bantariza argued while appearing on NBS television.

“ANT can’t be a threat of yet, probably with time, they will become an effective competitor.”

According to Bantariza, NRM has provided a conducive environment for everyone to politically compete against anyone.

Victoria University

He said the challenge is that some competitors would like NRM to nurture them.

“All of us in government and in the institutions work for the country under the president. The development of ANT is proof and evidence that Ugandans are getting to where we want to go in terms of politics and democracy.”

He said the idea of rape or defilement of the constitution is only a perception in some people’s minds.

Speaking on the same matter, Imam Kasozi said the fortunate thing about this party (Alliance for National Transformation) is that the leaders have seen it all, Gen. Mugisha Muntu has seen the mud from the Bush War.

Imam Kasozi, also head of the Uganda Muslim Youth Assembly, believes ANT has a future.

“The people I saw at the launch were not there for fun or simply because they were invited.”

He said the future of all political parties in Uganda will, however, depend on the operation of the NRM government.

“My brother Col. Shaban is a good orator. I don’t think there is any political party that wants to be nurtured by NRM like he says. What he is talking about is cosmetic.”

Imam Kasozi said the way Operation Wealth Creation is working is not professional at all. The only thing they want to show is that they are working.

“The problem is not the institutions, it is how we recruit people into those institutions. These days it is about who you know.”

Pan African Parliament member Hon Ogenga Latigo also welcomed the Alliance for National Transformation to the political landscape.

“We would love to work with them. If though they chose to go at it by themselves, we will respect that.”



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