Preach wealth gospel, Museveni tells Oyam

President Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on his first day of the wealth creation drive in Lango sub-region Thursday, held a fruitful meeting with area leaders at Oyam District headquarters.

These engagements with political and technical leaders are important because they understand the people they lead and therefore know how to best disseminate the gospel of wealth creation.

“Poverty is present amongst our people and our task is to eradicate it. We want you to use the roads that the NRM government has built to improve your lives. We do not want spectators in the development process,” he said.

To the leaders right from the local councils, sub-county and district; Museveni said they are all leaders with the same challenges encouraging them to mobilise people in the fight against household poverty.

Victoria University

Local leaders are like parish priests, he noted.

He said three popes have come to Uganda and only visited Gulu, Kasese and Kampala but religion has continued to grow everywhere because of the priests who never tire to preach the gospel.

“I ask our local leaders to do the same for wealth creation.”

He said government is fully committed to the fight against poverty and has already identified 7 major ways of generating wealth and jobs alongside commercial agriculture, industrialisation, ICT, Services sector.

“We are also in the process of setting up industrial parks in several sub regions to encourage the youth start small scale industries.”

In support of this initiative, the government will create saccos in every district to make capital accessible for such activities, he said.



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