‘Police beating drum’ Zaake treated in American hospital

Zaake in hospital

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake whom police has since turned into its “beating drum and punching bag” has undergone treatment in United States of America.

Zaake who has been in the states, on Monday May 13 attended Deffra conference, in the state of California.

The conference was centred on respect for fundamental human rights, international self-determination and democratic governance; the sure way to sustainable peace in Uganda.

On Wednesday May 15, Zaake checked in at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Boston Massachusetts.

Victoria University

He had a successful treatment for alignment of his right foot.

In the initial encounter, the doctors recommended that Zaake wears a “comfort boot” to protect and comfort his feet.

Beating drum and punching bag?

In November 2017, received treatment in the United States of America after being badly punched by former army commander, Gen Katumba Wamala, during a parliament fist-fight that nearly killed him.

Zaake spent Shs250m medical fee on his own, using Shs29m which was released to each MP for consultations on the presidential age limit bill and contributions from family, friends and well-wishers.

He survived a brain damage and blindness. In US, doctors removed foreign impurities which were contained in his body.

The doctors also cured him of a possible brain damage that was caused by the much pressure exerted on his skull when Katumba punched him.


In October 2018, Zaake for the second time returned to the country after more than a month of treatment at Manipal hospital in India.

MP Zaake

Zaake travelled to India for treatment of injuries reportedly sustained while under custody following the infamous Arua arrests in August of the same year.

He was arrested alongside MP Bobi Wine and other 33 people for allegedly stoning President Museveni’s car.

Later, shocking pictures of him were circulated on social media, showing a swollen face and badly damaged fingers.

He later resurfaced in Lubaga hospital under unclear circumstances.

Lying helpless in the surgical ward at Lubaga hospital, Zaake remained unconscious for days supported by a nebulizer and feeding tubes.

He complained of multiple pains around the head, the neck, lower back, and the lower limbs.

A scan later indicated that Zaake had a vertebral complication requiring special treatment.

His initial attempts to fly out of Uganda for treatment were thwarted, when Zaake and Bobi Wine were arrested from Entebbe airport and forcefully transferred to the government-owned Kiruddu hospital by police.

Following internal and external pressure, he and Bobi Wine were later cleared to travel abroad for treatment. 


In February 2019, Zaake was arrested in a traffic jam and detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala.

He was driven to Arua where the Chief Magistrates charged him with treason and escaping from lawful custody and released on a court bond of Shs50m.



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