Makerere lecturer asks student for sex or he sets hard paper


A lecturer at Makerere University was recorded by his student vigorously asking her for sex or else set a hard exam paper and fail her.

Medard Twinobuhungiro, a lecturer at the College of Business and Management Sciences, gave his student Anita Twinamatsiko a task of either giving him sex or failing her final exam.

He had driven her in his car from the main campus of Uganda’s most prestigious institution to Bwaise, a Kampala suburb and along Northern Bypass.

Along the bypass, Medard started negotiating for sex and telling Anita she cannot traumatise him.

Victoria University

“Whatever we talked about will stop here, don’t tell anyone,” he told her in a recording aired by Salt television.

When she didn’t yield, he launched threats: “I’m even going to set a hard paper. You will see. You read the English and find it equivalent to that of Cambridge University.”

The girl who seems to be in her last year begged the lecturer to let them pass their final and graduate.

“You are the cause. You denied me sex. That is why others will fail,” Medard reminds her.  

He added: “How can you refuse me sex? Someone like me? You even got a chance and was asked by me and you refuse?”

When she softened a little, Medard promised he would discuss for her and ensure she passes.

“I’m the one setting the paper. I will discuss for you.”

Medard was the one who supervised Anita during her internship. After she refused to give him sex, he then begged for a hug.

“Give me a hug atleast,” Medard begged, telling the girl not to bother going to church for prayers won’t help her pass the test.

Who is Medard?

Medard Twinobuhungiro hails from Kabale district, South Western Uganda.

He is married with four children and I come from a family of six (1 Boy and 5 girls).

Currently, he is a lecturer at Makerere University, College of Business and management Sciences, School of Business, Department of Accounting and Finance.

He likes travelling, watching soccer, and Wrestling, and is interested in teaching because “if you don’t change, change will change you”.

“Besides being a lecturer, I hope to understand it before my students so that I can be able to give them the right techniques at the right time,” he describes himself.

Sexual harassment  

In March 2019, Members of Parliament Robina Rwakoojo (Gomba West) and Anthony Okello (Kioga County) shared findings of the inquiry into cases of sexual violence in Institutions of Higher Learning.

Hon Robina Rwakoojo said 39% of respondents interviewed from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions said they had personally experienced some form of sexual harassment or knew of peers who had experienced it.

Hon Robina Rwakoojo says they were shocked to find out that girls find it easier to give in sex for marks in order to secure graduation.

“The girls said ‘we give in because this resource doesn’t get exhausted’.”

In Makerere University, seven lecturers were accused of sexual violence.

In 2018, Makerere suspended Dr. Edward Kisuze, a senior administrative assistant in the academic registrar’s office over sexual harassment.

Kisuze was exposed by a female student, Racheal Njoroge Njeri, while he was molesting her in his office.

In the same year, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe suspended Dr. Swizen Kyomuhendo, a lecturer in the department of social work and social administration, over the same allegations.



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