Kutesa warns Rwanda: we’ll neutralise foreign threats

Kutesa addressing heads of missions

The decision by Rwanda to close Katuna border was unilateral, sudden and took the government of Uganda by surprise, Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa has disclosed.

Kutesa was addressing heads of missions accredited to Uganda on the on the current poor state of Uganda-Rwanda relations.

He said the reason given by Rwanda government was that they were going to repair Katuna one stop border post which is their sovereign right

“Subsequently, it turned out that the reason for closing the border was actually not to carry out repairs but the closure was due to political reasons.”

Victoria University

Kutesa said Uganda never restricted movement of goods to Rwanda but Ugandan goods have been prohibited by Rwandan authorities.

“It is not true that Uganda restricted business with Rwanda.”

On harbouring elements that fight Rwanda, Kutesa said Uganda whose key security ideal is to fight insecurity could not do something like that.

 “A number of Rwandan security operatives have been entering Uganda without following laid down procedures governing the entry of security personnel into the country,” Kutesa told diplomatic corps.

He said, however, that a number of them were apprehended and deported.

Kutesa explained that Uganda has been a target and victim of terrorist attacks; including assassinations of Moslem Sheiks and senior government officials and that the government of Uganda takes seriously its duty and obligation to protect the security of its citizens and its borders.

He warned that “any local or foreign threats will continue to be dealt with decisively whenever and wherever they occur”.



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