Uganda under rule of new kings, Besigye tells UK

Besigye and Oxford Union President Ms Genevieve Athis

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye was Thursday hosted by Oxford Union President Ms Genevieve Athis to talk to the membership last evening.

Talk focused on processes and challenges of procuring a democratic transition in Uganda and similar polities.

His aide Ronald Muhinda says Besigye addressed Oxford Union in UK, recognised as a member of a group of people who shape the World.

“I have been shot and injured, lived in exile and my brother has died in the process. Being a perennial political opponent in Uganda has taken its toll,” Besigye told his audience.

Victoria University

He said power did not shift from colonials to the people of Uganda, but it shifted to some new kings and new sovereigns.

“People often look back favourably on colonial times, as there was more order. No leader has been displaced peacefully and elections are a facade.”

Besigye told his audience that the People’s Government’s primary focus is empowering people with knowledge, so they can demand accountability.

He said changes in leadership should be driven by the people, there must be mechanisms that ensure a leader acts in an accountable way.

“This is the biggest area we aim to overcome.”



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