Miss Curvy Jeep was for photo ops, impounded

Belinda with the car

New reports suggest the Jeep Cherokee UAL 810Y awarded to the Miss Curvy pageant winner Belinda Nansaasi was actually stage-managed.

The organisers reportedly hired the car from a dealer identified as Hamid Kamanzi for mere photo ops and never bought it as claimed.

This came to light after NBS TV Morning Breeze host Simon Kaggwa Njala said he had landed on “Miss Curvy’s brand new Jeep Cherokee that was abandoned in Mutundwe”.

Residents told Kaggwa the car was parked on the 27th April night after the beauty contest.

Victoria University

Nansaasi was crowned the most curvaceous woman in the country during a very colourful event at Imperial Royale Hotel last month.

The car was later taken away by Kamanzi and team pending payment from Anne Mungom, the founder of the pageant.

Kamanzi says Mungoma asked for the Jeep Cherokee which costs Shs16m, saying the money would be available on the crowning night.

“We then signed agreement that they would pay 60 per cent of their bill and another 40 per cent later,” Kamanzi told NTV.

They failed to pay the money and Kamanzi decided to take back the car to the bond until they pay.

Mungoma told the car dealer that Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda would pay for it but the minister reportedly claimed he has nothing to do with Miss Curvy.



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