Pastor Bujingo marriage woes, sex saga go public


The latest gossip indicates that City Pastor Aloysius Bujingo of House of Prayer Ministries International is drifting further and further apart from his estranged wife Teddy Naluswa.

Bujingo and Naluswa are, on the surface, locked in a battler over church properties where she claims to be a shareholder but reports say this is about the pastor’s side dish.

The alleged side dish is Susan Makula, an employee at his Salt TV and Radio stations.

The pastor alleges that his wife Naluswa has “sexually starved” him for the last ten years in a dispute over Canaan church land.

Victoria University

Naluswa wanted to sell Canaan land which belonged to the church and when Bujingo refused, she allegedly connived with her daughter Doreen Bujingo.

Pr Teddy Bujjingo

They allegedly attempted to poison Bujingo. He even reported a case of suspected poisoning at Kitende police station in early 2018.

Sexual starvation

Having been starved sexually, Bujingo then hooked up Susan Makula and opened a new chapter in his life.  

Susan Makula Nantaba

His daughter Doreen says her father is only justifying himself with sexual starvation claims yet he allegedly mistreated her mother.

The reports say Bujingo has since fled his wife’s bedroom and is living in Lungujja Rubaga Division of Kampala City with his new catch Makula.

Doreen denied an alleged plot with her mother to steal and sell off church estimated at Shs70bn.



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