NRM MPs sue over Museveni sole candidature

President Museveni

Members of Parliament leaning to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) have sued their own party for endorsing President Museveni as the sole candidate in 2021 presidential elections.

On February 19, the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) sitting at Chobe Safari Lodge in Nwoya District endorsed President Museveni “as the sole candidate for 2021 and beyond”.

In their petition to the Constitutional Court, 11 MPs represented by Alaka and Company Advocates, want the court to nullify the endorsement of President Museveni saying the decision is unconstitutional.

They are: Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga), Monicah Amoding (Kumi District), Barnabas Tinkasimire (Buyaga West), John Baptist Nambeshe (Manjiya), Patrick Nsamba Oshabe (Kassanda North), Mbwatekamwa Gaffa (Kasambya), Samuel Lyomoki (Workers), Silvia Akello (Otuke), Susan Amero (Amuria), James Acidri (Maracha) and Moses Bildad Adome (Jie).

Victoria University

They want court to declare that CEC’s endorsing of Museveni as the sole candidate is inconsistent with the Constitution hence null and void.

They also want court to declare that the current CEC, whose tenure runs from July 2015 to June 2020, has no mandate, legitimacy or power to declare Museveni or any other person a sole candidate and or flag bearer for 2021 elections and beyond.

“That the adoption of the resolution by both CEC and the Parliamentary caucus in the presence and full concurrence of the President of the Republic of Uganda is inconsistent with and in contravention of Article 99(3) of the Constitution,” they wrote.

The legislators claim CEC blocked and suffocated interests of other party presidential aspirants for the 2021 elections.

“That the CEC of the respondent (NRM) itself did not and does not have the mandate and legitimacy to pass the sole candidate resolution of President Museveni or any other candidate for purposes of 2021 presidential elections and beyond since its term of office and powers lapse by June 30, 2020,” reads the petition.

They further challenged the decision of the government Chief Whip and chairperson of the NRM Parliamentary caucus in blocking them from attending the party caucus retreat at Kyankwanzi from March 12-20.

They claim Museveni wants an imperial presidency for life devoid of any competitive checks and balances.



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