MPs give selves 40% allowance raise

Uganda MPs fighting in the house

By Daily Monitor

Members of Parliament have given themselves a raise in allowances by 39 per cent citing rising costs of living.

The legislators also raised the allowances of parliamentary staff by 15 per cent.

MP Peter Ogwang (Usuk, NRM), also as a parliamentary commissioner, told Daily Monitor that Shs6m monthly is not enough.

Victoria University

Each of the 459 legislators earns anywhere between Shs15m to Shs30m every month, depending on how far their constituency is from Parliament Building in Kampala, the seat of their legislative business.

The new allowances will cost taxpayers an additional Shs63.46b in the 2019/20 budget, increasing the House budget from the current Shs497.8b to Shs561.3b.

The MPs also raised their inland and overseas travel allowances, and are demanding an additional Shs20.4b for committee oversight and bench-marking trips.

The roles of MPs under the Constitution include making laws, appropriating public resources, providing oversight on the spending and representing views of their constituents.

News of the increase in allowances comes at a time when an internal report shows the lawmakers are posting less-than-satisfactory performance, and deteriorating quality of debate and inordinate delay in handling critical reports of key government institutions as prescribed by law.



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