Amuriat moots anti-police protests, to boycott IPOD

Amuriat at a rally in Jinja

The Forum for Democratic Change, (FDC) has decried the continued harassment of their leaders who are on countrywide mobilisation programmes.

FDC party president Patrick Amuriat says the party is considering several measures including nationwide protests if police does not desist from frustrating their programmes.

While addressing press at FDC head offices in Najjanankumbi on Monday, Amuriat said they will not attend the forthcoming Inter-Party Organisation for Democracy (IPOD) summit if the organisation does not show commitment to fight for protection of the Opposition parties from police brutality.

He said the IPOD, which is mandated to defend and fight for protection of all Opposition political parties, has not condemned or done anything about it.

“We are members of the IPOD and we have been informed about the forthcoming summit next month. If we continue to be treated the way we have been treated, we shall boycott the summit,” Amuriat said.

He added: “We are also considering non-participation in all the donor-funded activities that support growth of the political party because we are not reaping anything.”

The next IPOD summit is slated to take place on May 15 under the new stewardship of Democratic Party (DP) headed by Norbert Mao.

Amuriat said the year of action is promising citing strong examples of non-violent overthrows of dictators across Africa, to learn from.

“To our Activists and compatriots in Kaliro, Isiaka- Bushenyi, Rubanda, Mbarara, Tororo and Jinja I say to you Viva and keep the fire burning. To those who got injured or got arrested and incarcerated, I share your pain with you and we pray and will do everything possible for your speedy release and healing.”

He advised those who believe that elections alone will get the dictatorship out of Uganda not to wait for what is inevitable, the dictator using the election to win international acceptance and legitimacy.

“We are better off not having the dictator on the ballot paper than having him meddle in it as he has always done, with previous elections.”

He went on: “My strong feeling based on what appears the resolve of the population, is that we can cause change in our country before 2021, using defiance.”

“I asked you fellow comrades in the struggle, regardless of your persuasion; DP, DP Bloc, UPC, moderate NRM, People Power, ANT, Independent etc that we hit the road running. Even if you believe in elections, nothing should stop you joining the nonviolent struggle, avoid walking on the same spot. Let us put on our boots and gloves and hit the road.”


Buhweju County Mwijukye Francis says police has decided to take the law into their own hands and violate it.

“As MPs, we can’t just sit and watch police violate the law made by the parliament,” he told press at Parliament on Monday.

 Mwijukye said the police and body that administrates the RDCs must pay for the losses incurred by the radio stations that were switched off.

“This impunity must be stopped immediately.”

Rujumbura County MP Fred Tumuheirwe-Turyamuhweza said the electoral map has already been issued and some of these activities are a prerequisite for the political leaders to organise themselves ahead of the 2021 elections.

“Once the roadmap is out and we are complying with the law, what is the business of RDCs and security agencies?” he noted.

He added: “Our citizens should brace themselves for a big fight. I call onto the president; he has the key to bring sanity to our politics and the political activity in this country.”



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