Airtel launches aggressive voice and data plans

Airtel Uganda's Nellie Mwandha(left) and Joweria Nabakka (right) with Uganda Cranes players at the launch

Airtel Uganda has today launched massive data and voice offers that will allow its customers enjoy high quality network connectivity at affordable rates.

With the new offers, customers will be getting more minutes within their voice bundles and more MBs within their data bundles at the same price.

Speaking at the launch, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. V.G. Somasekhar said; “As promised during the launch of 100% 4G connectivity across the country, Airtel will continue to provide quality network, excellent data packages and outstanding products and services which are affordable, accessible and available for all.”

“At Airtel, we believe in empowering the customer. With these new offers, Airtel customers will get more from their voice and data bundles at the same amount thus saving on their communication budgets,” he added.

Data Blasta has been revamped to offer customers more data at the same price. As well, customers will be able to get more voice bundles for the same price in the Mega-tok offering.

Airtel Uganda officials (left to right) Sumin Namaganda, Joweria Nabakka and Nellie Mwandha at the launch of the new and revamped voice and data bundles

Airtel is the fastest growing telecom brand in Uganda resultantly from the extensive network rollout that has happened in the last one year to build Uganda’s only 100% 4G network.

Airtel currently boasts of 1,632 sites and over 3,900 kilometres of fibre across Uganda covering 95.9% population, making it possible for subscribers around the country to enjoy an improved experience in internet based activities.

This encompasses video conferencing, video calling, video streaming, gaming services and mobile internet access.

To access the Airtel Uganda Voice bundles, press *149# and to activate the data bundles subscribers simply have to press *175# and select their favourite bundle.



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