MPs are stupid, fumes Maj Gen Kyaligonza

Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza

“Are they [Members of Parliament] the ones who appointed me? They are stupid,” fumed Uganda’s Ambassador to Burundi Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza on Monday.

Kyaligonza was addressing press at Emin Pasha hotel when he attacked MPs for passing a motion seeking his recall from Burundi.

This followed a case in which his bodyguards assaulted a female traffic officer while he looked on.

In a video clip, the soldiers assaulted Sgt. Esther Namaganda for stopping them from making a U- turn in the middle of the road in Seeta.

Victoria University

But Kyaligonza insists the police officer was in the wrong and threatened to sue journalists who wrote about it and MPs who sought his sacking as ambassador.

“The MP who moved motion for my recall is stupid. I am shocked at the manner in which parliament handled my fate. How can a house with MPs who jump over chairs and do many dubious things pre-judge me without a chance to be heard,” Kyaligonza told press.

“You have never been recalled for breaking microphones. Whoever moved that motion…it is a woman. Why can’t she respect herself as a woman? And parliament…you start saying Kyaligonza must be recalled, are you the one who put me there?”

He said the stories media houses carried accusing him of beating people and stealing cows were defamatory and have caused pain to his family.

“I have already recorded a statement to police on the matter but I still insist that I am a smart person and not a criminal that media portrayed,” he said.

On Uganda Broadcasting Corporation journalist, Peter Otai who sued Kyaligonza for Shs340m for assaulting him, the ambassador said the journalist misinterpreted the whole situation.

He says Namaganda should produce proof that he personally beat her up.



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