Rema ‘abandons’ Kenzo home, gets own apartment


The latest gossip indicates that diva Rema Namakula has reportedly abandoned the Seguku home for her own apartment in Namugongo.

The Seguku mansion is the home singer Eddy Kenzo built for Rema, the mother of his baby.

Reports started circulating over the weekend saying Rema had packed her belongings and fled to Namugongo.

She was allegedly helped by a close friend identified as Fayth Presh.

Victoria University

According to reports, Rema accuses Kenzo of refusing to make their relationship official like she notes in her song “Sirimuyembe”.

She also accuses him of infidelity citing a chain of countless women who allegedly flock Kenzo’s bed.

Other reports say the new house is Rema’s and that she has been building it slowly and secretly.



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