Anger as Airtel ‘ruins’ iconic Mbarara cow statue

This is what Airtel replaced with a bull

Anger is raging on social media after Airtel Uganda replaced “Mbarara cow”, the statue of a bull at Mbarara town roundabout with what many have termed as “irrelevant designs”.

Twesigye Faluku, a journalist and founder of Fatwes Solutions which skills youth, said majority are saddened to see such “fake design Chinese banners” at Mbarara roundabout”.

He said “the land of milk and honey” cannot be without its original symbol of a long horned cow moulded by Sam Rwemijumbi.

“My question to Mayor Kakyebezi Robert, is this what you came to do?!”

The original bull statue
Victoria University

He called upon elders and advisers to the President to reign in on Municipal Council leaders and restore the bull statue.

Speaking on the matter, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, said “as we are still battling with Airtel to redesign and modify their towers at Kibuye and Jinja Road junctions into monuments that symbolise our heritage, they have now descended onto Amahembe g’Ente junction in Mbarara.”

He added: “That we need artefacts and monuments in our cities is a given but they should be able to tell a story about our country.”

Lukwago said the Airtel clutter in Mbarara is awful and totally unacceptable. “They must be called to order”.

The new monument, an artistic imposture of the Ankole long horned cow was erected this week, with the sponsorship of Airtel Uganda.

This resulted from last year’s outrage on social media citing the famous statue of a bull that welcomes people to Mbarara town in a sorry state.

The original statue was pulled down during the rehabilitation of the Masaka-Mbarara road four years ago and replaced by another statue.

By 2018, the new statue had already lost one of its horns and legs. The statue was also far from resembling the long-horned Ankole bull.



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