Bobi Wine, Zaake record fiscal policy song

Bobi Wine and Zaake

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his Mityana Municipality counterpart Francis Zaake, have recorded a song on Uganda’s fiscal policy.

This follows his vague response to the question on Fiscal policy on NTV “On The Spot” programme.

Bobi Wine was asked by NTV’s political talk show host Patrick Kamara to explain what fiscal tools he would use to curb inflation when he becomes Uganda’s president.

Bobi Wine said he will immediately ban taxes on the Over The Top (OTT) services introduced last year.

He decided to explain himself in a song which features Zaake, Nubian Lee and Sir Dan Magic. He announced the song on Instagram Thursday morning.

“If I ever had the opportunity to change the way that my people live, I would abolish all the oppressive taxes that the oppressive taxes, and that would be my fiscal policy.”

“I wonder why poverty is so high, the cost of living everywhere is so high. I would reduce the prices and raise the salaries, and that would be my fiscal policy.”

I don’t have to know everything

Inan interview with The Observer newspaper, Bobi Wine said he does not need to know everything to be president of Uganda.

Bobi Wine argues he doesn’t have to be an intellectually or economically savvy political strategist.

The singing MP insists he does not have to know everything for him to be president.

 “I’m here because I have come to be the voice of the ordinary person because people on the ground need not be professors to know that they are living in terrible conditions,” he said.

“I’m not a professor and anyone who was expecting a professor in me, I want to tell you, you are in the wrong place.”

“I’m not anybody’s saviour but one of you who has come up to do something to change our situation. It is not me who is going to explain why Bank of Uganda is not working, it’s not me to explain why our currency is depreciating but I know that if the right people are given opportunity, things will improve…If we need somebody to explain the economy, we have people like Muwanga Kivumbi (MP Butambala) who will explain these things. Therefore, we have the people who can do the work, only that we have a poor manager,” Kyagulanyi said.



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