Africans must accept their identity first, says UN official

Ms. Rosa Malango

Uganda National Roads Authority [UNRA] Executive Director, Allen Kagina, says most countries in Africa have prioritised infrastructure because it’s the backbone of development.

She was Tuesday speaking at the “Africa Now” summit co-chaired by President Museveni alongside other Heads of State and key business leaders on the continent at Commonwealth Resort hotel in Munyonyo.

“I’m here to learn. The integration of Africa is something Africa requires and needs right now; I’m here to be part of what will be history.”

She said every single sector requires investment but infrastructure is a priority.

“I don’t think every age group (young and old) should be pointing fingers at each other, we are all responsible for the growth and development of Africa.”

According to Kagina, the integration of Africa is something Africa requires and needs right now for the young generation.

Speaking on the same event, the UN resident coordinator in Uganda, Rosa Malango, said she believes that if Africans come to peace with their identity, they will be able to develop themselves.

“We need Africans to work together to come up with their own solutions. In my keynote speech, I will tap into how can we deal with barriers of trade, how everyone can work together as well as how we can all contribute to the sustainable development goals.”

She added: “I think the critical thing is to understand where you come from, we need to do research on why the things we have done in the past haven’t worked. I think this is the right time for emerging leaders to come up with new solutions & move forward with them.”

Former Makerere Chancellor Prof. Mondo Kagonyera said conferences of this nature are important because people of different backgrounds, experiences and intellect come together to exchange views.

He said they are likely to identify the actual problems facing Africa and now they can be solved.

“Africa today is completely different, the population has changed but some aspects of our lives haven’t, we still have high child mortality rates and diseases.”

The professor said some of the problems have been solved while others haven’t. Much has been achieved but more is yet to be done.

He said lack of awareness is a very big contributor to failure to look after our families.

“The most challenging thing about Africa is our lack of knowledge. We are always behind when it comes to knowledge; we need to catch up with the rest of the world.”



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