Bobi Wine’s people power will subdue Museveni- Nsamba

Kassanda North MP Patrick Nsamba

Kassanda North MP Patrick Nsamba says although he came to parliament under the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] ticket, his beliefs have changed overtime because of what is going on.

“I am now NRM/People Power,” he said Monday Morning while appearing on NBS “Morning Breeze” programme.

He said President Museveni never succeeded in the bush because of his fighting might.

According to Nsamba, Museveni succeeded because he mobilised people to rally against the government in power and people supported the idea.

“It was people power then. What makes me excited is that I was worried we are going to go back to the politics where we have the usual Museveni and Kizza Besigye but now we have Hon. Kyagulanyi, a new face.”

“When you hear Hon. Kyagulanyi speak, he is telling the young people that the government is not working for us and it is high time we do something.”

Nsamba says he has heard people criticize Bobi Wine that he doesn’t know economics but that is not the leader they need now.

“Amama Mbabazi articulated policy issues very well, how many votes did he get?”

“When you look at Gen. Mugisha Muntu, he has come up with serious policy frameworks.”

Nsamba says it is not that this country has failed to get people with better policy frameworks; they have all been failing because they have failed to rally Ugandans behind them.

He believes Ugandans need someone to inspire them at this point.

Host: Is supporting Hon. Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine worth the risk?

Hon. Nsamba: Yes, it is worth the risk for every Ugandan.

“When you have courts pronouncing themselves and saying this is what is good for this country and someone does not want to hear that those amendments are required, it tells you one thing, the current ground works well for him.”

He said Ugandans must know that they can never expect a fair ground from President Museveni because he will be sure if it is fair, he will be defeated. That is why he wants to leave the terrain favouring him.

“This time, it is the “bajjaja” vs the “bazukkulu”. That is the kind of politics we are going in for. I want to assure you that 85% of Ugandans are below 40 years so the tired group is not the 15% but those below 40 years.”

“I think people’s government has tried. They have done their part but this is a new dispensation, a new generation and if you look at the way Kyagulanyi inspires young people, you may find people’s government struggling if they choose to attack alone.”

Host: Who is Goliath?

Nsamba: The man who has been here for over 30 years.

Host: Who is David?

Nsamba: It is Bobi Wine.

Host: What is the stone?

Nsamba: The national ID.

According to Nsamba, Dr. Besigye has had a chance four times and he has made his contribution. He should join and support the new movement.



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