Ingrid names youth in plot to assassinate Besigye

Besigye at Rukungiri court

Ingrid Turinawe, the “People’s Government”, Minister for Internal Affairs, has named the “People Power” and Democratic Party [DP] members who allegedly attacked Kizza Besigye in Bulange Mengo.

According to Ingrid, the Masengere attackers on the “People’s President” which took place on Saturday 02/03/19, have finally been unmasked.

According to her statement, the attackers are; James Mubiru of People Power [Rubaga], Chief Mboowa [DP Rubaga], Luba Kyooya [DP media activist], Kabuuka Sepiria [DP Rubaga], Musa Mwoyo Ggwagwanga, Julius Katongole and Kaafero Mathew, all members of People Power.

Ingrid says these have been behind all incidences organised since last year to attack, humiliate, harm, disrupt or assassinate Besigye.

She ordered G2GF commanders and Power Ten networks across the country to remain vigilant and ensure such never happens again.

Former Besigye aide, Byamugyisha Moses, said he has been schooled to perfectly appreciate a contestation of ideas, even if it is one group seeking to have their view become the dominant view.

“But to seek to physically attack individual, moreover Dr Kiiza Besigye, is not only barbaric but also an insult to common sense.”

He added: “Whoever has moved with Dr Besigye knows how far he is willing to go to command his forces to avoid a physical attack on Mr Museveni.”

Byamugyisha said those who were there at the Bwebajja incident and in Igaara by-election remember what transpired between Museveni and Besigye’s supporters.

“Dr Besigye is not just the other gentleman of Kasangati with nice eyes, to many of us Dr Besigye is a symbol for the much cherished idea.”

Besigye takes on Bwanika

While responding to Abed Bwanika and group-sponsored propaganda that alleges he works for Museveni, Besigye asked: “What is it that I should have done that the group thinks I didn’t do?”

“What is that I did that the group thinks should have been done differently?”

He said Abed Bwanika [then PDP president] in 2006 was a candidate in rigged elections.

“He swore an affidavit in favour of Museveni saying the rigged election was free and fair; that our evidence in court of intimidating, threatening and killing my supporters; ballot stuffing; altering and falsifying results were untrue.”

“Even when all judges unanimously agreed the election was not free and fair, Bwanika, as a candidate declared, by way of signing an affidavit that Museveni had won freely and fairly. Bwanika and myself, who supports or works Museveni?” Besigye wondered.

Bwanika had claimed that Besigye has led opposition for over 20 years and that it is time for him to hand over to Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who is emerging as leader of opposition.

“They say I own Hotels in Kampala. Let Ugandans go and torch all my Hotels in Town and you will see who will come to put out the fire,” Besigye pointed out.

He added: “In Kampala, I only rent TOTAL Petrol station from TOTAL Uganda. It’s not mine. I am a Commission agent.”



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