Lumumba calls RDCs eyes, ears of NRM political compass

NRM SG Kasule Lumumba

NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba says the ruling government waged and won a protracted people’s war in a record of only 5 years and has since capturing power embarked on massive recovery,  transformation of Uganda’s political and economic landscape.

She was on Monday addressing Resident District Commissioners [RDCs] and their Deputies at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi.

She said the NRM government has been able to achieve success largely because of the visionary leadership of H.E President Y.K Museveni who has provided guidelines on the correct line of politics, a correct military/security line and a correct organisational line.

According to Lumumba, NRM has had a correct political compass guided by Democracy, Pan-Africanism, Patriotism & Nationalism plus Social-Economic transformation of our society as the core ideological principles. 

Victoria University

The NRM has emphasised patriotism pursuant to which the Patriotism Secretariat under the office of President was established to inculcate the virtues of Patriotism beginning with the young population in secondary schools.

She said Africa has continued to lag behind because of very low levels of investment in Science & Technology, adding that NRM is set to prioritise this area.

“That CEC had during its retreat in Chobe tasked the relevant institutions of Government to unpack the alleged 68% households still living under Subsistence Farming.”

She added that RDCs would be helpful in answering questions like Where exactly are these families located? Why are they remaining under this category and what can be done to elevate them into the class of commercial farmers.

She reminded RDCs of their expected role of coordinating the administration of Government services in the Districts as laid down in Article 203 (2)a.

She further guided that RDCs are expected to regularly provide feedbacks to government on issues related, but not limited to service delivery.

The position of an RDC requires the holder to be well grounded ideologically and act as the eyes and ears of the NRM government, Lumumba noted.

“That all the guidance they give in their respective districts must be guided by the Political Compass of NRM.”

She urged RDCs to vigilantly guard against the environment which is being depleted and destroyed through massive and unprecedented deforestation, encroachment on wetlands and poaching of wildlife.

As the Chairpersons of the Security Committees in their respective districts, SG Lumumba urged RDCs to fight the escalating crime in their areas noting that there was an influx of criminality including, but not limited to rape, defilement, theft, robbery & domestic violence.

She commended RDCs for helping in organising peaceful & successful LCI and Women Council elections.

She asked them to closely monitor the usage of the road equipment that Government provided to all districts about 2 years ago.

The Secretary General donated a number of items to participants that included a party Constitution, a booklet of Chobe CEC Resolutions and a T-shirt among others.



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