Museveni wants to be sole candidate all-over Uganda- Mao

Paul Kenneth Kakande,Democratic Party (DP) spokesperson addressing press

Norbert Mao, the President General of Democratic Party [DP] says what happened in Jinja town was the first attempt to implement the Chobe Lodge Resolution on President Museveni’s sole candidature.

Mao says Museveni wants to be a sole candidate in his party and also in the country.

Every freedom fighter must condemn the violent stopping of the Jinja DP Reunion and the excessive force used against our members, Mao told press in Kampala on Tuesday.

“I must commend the National Reunion Strategy and Coordination Committee led by Sam Lubega for spearheading the best mobilization ever in the outreach phase of the Reunion.”

Victoria University

He also thanked the Reunion Local Organising Committee (LOC) led by incoming Jinja Mayor Badman for their commitment.

“Such a dedicated and selfless team is hard to find. As announced, we MUST continue the Reunion Caravan. If anybody doubted the impact of the Reunion then you got your answer last Wednesday.”

He said the panic in rival camps that conspired to stop the Reunion was evident.

“We must give a message of hope that the Jinja Reunion will take place. It is organized by a registered Party and one that has complied fully with the laws of Uganda.”

The EC has issued its electoral roadmap and whatever mobilization DP is doing is to ensure that they are ready to participate in the national processes.

“We were supposed to have a meeting with police on Friday but they did not grant us an appointment.”

Mao’s plan:

1. We are consulting in order to announce a new date for the Jinja Reunion immediately. That date must be as soon as possible. I have asked the Reunion Team to propose dates which the party top leadership will simply agree to.

2. Media outreaches in Busoga must continue full steam.

3. A Jinja DP office has to be opened immediately. The National Organizing Secretary will spearhead this.

4. The National Legal Advisor to prepare legal action against the State and individual police officers like RPC Nkore and DPC Irama and Spokesperson Nandawula to ensure accountability for their illegal actions.

5. The HQs will keep in touch by SMS with all individuals who registered as participants in the outreach meetings. Messages will flow to them to keep them informed about the activities of the party.

6. This week the IPOD Council will hold a special session to discuss what happened in Jinja.

7. We have asked Dr. Rugunda, the PM, to convene an urgent meeting of all security chiefs to discuss a modus operandi and to agree on clear and fair rules of engagement in the organization of public political events.

8. We are engaging with international partners who have expressed solidarity with DP. In particular the UK Foreign Office, the International Democrats Union Secretariat, the European Peoples Party and the German Christian Democratic Union have sent messages of solidarity.

The US based organization Freedom House has meantime downgraded Uganda’s status to a fully-fledged authoritarian regime.

9. Yesterday we launched Peer-To-Peer Learning programs that will bring branch leaders, youth and women leaders face to face with our trainers in order to equip them with skill to sustain the organizational structures that we require on the ground.

10. We requested the Ministry of Defence to allow us use Kololo Ceremonial Grounds for the Kampala Reunion.



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