15 arrested over Congo clashes that killed 900

The guard of Ndolo military prison in Kinshasa. Radio Okapi / Ph. John Bompengo

By Radio Okapi

Fifteen people, accused of involvement in killings in Yumbi, Nkolo and Bongende (Mai Ndombe) last December, were arrested in Yumbi and transferred to Kinshasa, military sources said Tuesday (February 12th).

The detainees are at the Ndolo military prison in Kinshasa, said the sources, saying they have serious evidence of guilt in the killings of Maï Ndombe.

The defendants are accused of operating with 12-caliber weapons and weapons of war.

This is the main reason that pushes the military justice to seize the file.

“Investigations are in progress” to determine the origin of these weapons and the identity of the shooters in this inter-communal conflict, according to the same sources.

The killings in Yumbi, Nkolo and Bongende have killed more than 500 people, Yumbi’s interim territory administrator told Radio Okapi.

But, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has a much heavier toll of more than 900 deaths between 16 and 18 December 2018 in four villages in this territory.



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