State not stupid as you, Ofwono tells Bobi Wine

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, thinks the way Ugandans practice multi-party politics here was imposed, that is why it doesn’t take seriously into consideration specific needs of the country.

“I think it hasn’t been very helpful and NRM hasn’t made its disdain for multi-partism private, we think under developed countries should be run on broad systems so that whoever has skills to bring on table be welcome so that we harness everyone’s efforts,” Opondo said Thursday night while appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme.

The Media Centre boss says there are good people but they can’t serve government at the front line because it has been made impossible with the multiparty dispensation.

“Quite often, the president goes out to persuade other people to come and serve and they have joined NRM, we didn’t know if we would have anybody in West Nile but we do now.”

He went on: “Today, if you go to those places, they are the strongholds, maybe we need to change the rules to allow people who are willing and able to serve to come and serve and not call them out for having done it.”

Victoria University

Opondo said in Kenya, leaders move with their political interests, if Raila Odinga moves, the Luo will move with him which isn’t the case for Uganda.

He says 2018 has politically been a bad year but is glad never the less because what was pontificated never happened.

“Yes Ibrahim Abiriga [former Arua municipality MP] was killed but largely what was said to happen didn’t happen.”

Opondo said Ugandans should endeavour to make 2019 a peaceful and harmonious year.

About Lord Mayor Lukwago being given his rights as an elected leader, Opondo said there are so many elected city leaders but government has not had any running battles with them.

“We are taking into 2019 a stable government. If you have a family and you don’t take good care of them, how do you expect the government much less the president to do that for you?”

Opondo said indisciplined politics shouldn’t be taken into 2019; it has been carried on from 2016.

Bobi Wine case

Take the case of the police, if the police weren’t being diverted by the political friction happening, I think the security services would be focusing on criminals like those who kidnap and kill people, he noted.

“From an intelligence point of view, there are very many things we know the people use undercover to undermine the rule of law and the government,” Opondo said, referring to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The singer has been clashing with security over music concerts.

Opondo castigated opposition for what he termed as “trash” when they complained about President Museveni advertising a concert for Bebe Cool and blocked that of Bobi Wine.

Opondo who was responding to FDC deputy president for eastern region, Hon Salaam Musumba, said the so-called advert was conjured by the opposition to spread lies about the president.

“…but if these people think that the state is as stupid as them, they can go ahead with their concerts and all that,” Opondo noted.

In September this year, Opondo said “Bobi Wine is a passing cloud as time will tell. He isn’t the first or only to be pampered”.

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine said they will continue to block Bobi Wine’s concerts if he doesn’t drop the “defiance” attitude he learnt from opposition figure, Kizza Besigye.



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