Nakalema arrests intelligence officers in Bunyoro hunt

Lt Col Nakalema meeting residents [Photo credit Kampala Post]

Former Presidential Principal Private Secretary and new head of State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Lt Col Edith Nakalema, has rounded up security officers in Bunyoro sub-region following endless violence in the area.

The Saturday raid targeted Kikuube District where 53 houses were burnt on December 26 in Kyangwali Sub-county.

Lt Col Nakalema who was accompanied by the army told the local community that President Museveni received calls around Christmas saying the violence was a result of a land dispute between residents and Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

On top of the 42 suspects arrested in connection to the violence, Nakalema further ordered the arrest of a police officer in charge of a local station, an intelligence officer, a refugee camp commandant and a UPDF soldier.

The office in charge of Kyangwali police, Robert Obichi, is accused of harassing residents and imprisoning them on fabricated charges.

Victoria University

Kyangwali GISO, Gershom Asaba, was also arrested for extorting residents.

UPDF officer Cinoflex Tumuhimbise aka Rwampunu was arrested for torture, extortion, harassment and unlawful eviction.

OPM in August 2013 evicted over 30 villages in Bukinda parish in Kyangwali to resettle Congolese refugees in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement.



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