Mwenda mocks Museveni, takes Bryan White money

Mwenda and Bryan White

Senior journalist Andrew M. Mwenda seems to be the man of the hour as the country closes 2018 to welcome 2019.

He was trending on social media after attacking Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who he equated to Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler.

He didn’t stop there—he trashed the Ugandan national anthem which he called a complete and absolute disaster.

“Uganda’s national anthem is a total, complete and absolute disaster. If I became dictator of Uganda, it would be the first thing I would abolish on my first day in office,” Mwenda tweeted.

Victoria University

He added: “I would replace it with a revised Buganda anthem, which I find meaningful and inspiring!”

On Sunday, he took it to another level and attacked President Museveni for advising Miss Africa Quiin Abenakyo to keep her hair natural and African.

“When we met in Entebbe, I advised Abenakyo to keep her hair natural. I am glad she heeded the advice and re-asserted her African identity. God beautifully created Africans, there is no need to add or subtract anything,” Museveni tweeted.

Mwenda and Bryan White

Mwenda lashed out in a tweet responding to the president: “If we have to keep our African identity, why didn’t you send this tweet in Runyankore, Lusoga or Swahili?”

He added: “How is your use of English in this tweet different from her use of mzungu hairstyles? Isn’t use of a foreign language more culturally damaging than using a foreign hairstyle?”

It took the efforts of Red Pepper director Arinaitwe Rugyendo to cool Mwenda down by pointing out how grossly he had missed the point.

“Ndugu @AndrewMwenda, I disagree. Ability to speak to you in your Rutooro language is not loss of identity but a mark of genius,” Rugyendo tweeted.

He added: “But if I copy and dress in your cultural attire, that’s pure surrender of my identity to yours!”

Rugyendo went on: “The last time I checked, nearly all of it was MADE IN UGANDA. But I also think you missed the point in his statement. He did not talk about ‘Indian Fashion.’ He said: ‘Indian Hair.’ These two labels are different!”

Mwenda was not finished yet. He then shared pictures of himself with moneybags Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White saying he had accepted a huge buddle of cash from him.

“Yesterday, the old man of the clan met his grandson, Brian White. I did the UPC sign, him the NRM one. Then he gave me a large bundle of cash (don’t ask me how much coz I tried to count and couldn’t finish) which I proceeded to give to the less fortunate to close the year.”



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