Museveni will unleash horror in 2019, says Musumba

Salaamu Musumba

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Vice President Eastern Region, Proscovia Salaamu Musumba, calls Uganda a country where politics of purchase and exclusion is.

“The politics look more of betrayal because if I was asked to serve, I would tell my members that I have been asked to serve as opposed to walking away,” Musumba said on NBS “Frontline” programme last week.

She was referring to Kampala minister Beti Kamya who claims to have left opposition because “it has not connected with the people and has betrayed its own”.

Musumba said Kampala’s position in Uganda is really a privileged place but this is a place that hasn’t been planned for Ugandans.

“One wonders, with all this infrastructure development, are we using figures to do the development?”

Victoria University

Musumba said very soon, Kampala is going to be unliveable; congestion will be too much, telling minister Kamya to consider other places like Jinja or Wakiso.

“Putting everything here is exposing it to bad development because we have not given it a connection to other cities.”

She added: “I don’t think that when Beti was still with FDC, she was acting. At my party, we are real.”


Musumba said 2018 has been characterised by political horror and terror, citing the assassinations of MP Ibrahim Abiriga and maverick police officer, Muhammad Kirumira.

“…you can’t say Abiriga and Kirumira have been killed and we don’t have any reports yet, we have not yet recovered from the death of Felix Kaweesi [former police spokesperson].”

She went on: “2019 is an odd year and it worries me. We are going into 2019 and the government I see and feel is different from what Ofwono Opondo [government spokesperson] is describing.”

Musumba said Kyadondo East MP Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi is working where he earns his living and that is the music industry.

“…and if you compare president Museveni endorsing the Kiwatule concert [Bebe Cool], he goes an extra mile to support one artiste against the other.” Musumba said it remains as is that the president can do one thing for one artiste and not the other.

“I’m praying that 2019 will bring us to change for the better, that this country believe in itself and that the leaders believe and practice the rule of law.”

She added: “We shall continue struggling for that and continue to hold our space in the coming year, but brace yourself for more political horror from the government.”




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