Kayihura, Bobi Wine, age limit ruled 2018- Kirunda  

Reknown lawyer and social political analyst Robert Kirunda

Makerere university school of law don, Robert Kirunda, says proper thing to do is to look at security as holistic instead of just re-introducing the Local Defence Units [LDUs].

If it takes LDUs for people and property to be safe, so be it, said the reknown lawyer and social political analyst while appearing on NBS television.

On the military presence on Kampala streets, Kirunda said the older people used to have a picture of trouble when they see a soldier but now when they see a soldier, they feel safe.

The younger generation wouldn’t know the difference, he noted.

“I think the army should be last or second last Frontier of defence within the country.”

Victoria University

Kirunda thinks former police chief Kale Kayihura’s legacy will “stay with us for a long time”.

Kayihura is on trial for abuse of office, when he allegedly failed to protect war materials, failed to supervise police officers and abetted kidnap.

“We have seen major changes in the police, so when you see such things, we ask ourselves where this is going to end,” the law don noted.

He said the comparison between the role of the army and police is going to remain in 2019.

To him, the Mbale decision (removal of age limit) was a major highlight of 2018.

“It proved to me that we shall not settle political contests in the courts of law.”

He believes 2018 has reset the board and the game in 2019 is going to be different because of the changes that happened this year like Mugisha Muntu leaving Forum for Democratic Change [FDC].

Kirunda said there has been an argument that Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi and Bobi Wine should be separated saying it is a distinction without a difference.

“I would like to give it up to Hon. Kyagulanyi is a resolved fellow, anyone else would have given up by now.”

According to Kirunda, politics is an abiding thing, there will always be politics when there is a government and there will always be a government.

On the beautiful and ugly signals for 2019, he said: “The beautiful signals for 2019, I think the economy will perform better. The ugly sides will be more on the political side.”



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