Bobi Wine taking youth away from Museveni, says lawyer

Lawyer Julius Galisonga

Lawyer Julius Galisonga says the most important factor in politics in Uganda is security.

From a security point of view, people power would have had an impact if it was in the security forces, Galisonga noted Monday morning while appearing on NBS television.

“Unfortunately you haven’t seen Brig Muzeeyi Sabiti leading the army in the work it has been doing. Emilian Kayima [police spokesperson] is also not as vocal as he used to be.”

Host: Has 2018 revealed the fading influence of Col. Kizza Besigye?

Galisonga: You would only call it fading influence if you do not understand the politics of Uganda and how it has played out recently.

Galisonga also spoke on the rise of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and the recently won by-elections in areas like Bugiri.

He said finally someone that can galvanise the support of the youth has come up.

Bobi Wine’s involvement in politics has kept the president [Museveni] busy, the lawyer revealed.

“His (Bobi Wine) actions are good but the impact can only be seen when we have an election.”

He said one of the major events has been the land probe.

“We have seen the mismanagement of land affairs in Uganda like land grabbing that has always occurred, it has also exposed the frustration in the speed with which land disputes are resolved.”

He added: “What we have so far seen from Bank of Uganda is extremely bad. You have to credit the central bank however that inspite the way our economy is run, the shilling has not deflated as much as it has in other places.”

Galisonga said that looking at the COSASE probe, what MPs have unearthed points to corruption and real abuse of office “because we have seen people lost a lot of wealth right from Teefe bank”.

On OTT Tax, Galisonga said government needed to raise the money and they had to find a way.

“People however continue to pay more for VPN and this shows that silently, people are resisting what they deem as unfair taxes.”

Host: Who would you nominate as some of the key personalities of 2018?

Galisonga: 1. The president has been a major player.

2. Dr. Stella Nyanzi

3. Jennifer Musisi

4. Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert

5. Dr. Kiiza Besigye

6. Hon. Lukwago Elias

7. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga.



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