Kasai: Congo plane crashes carrying election materials

Gomair cargo plane that crashed

A Congo cargo plane registered to GOMAIR chartered company Thursday crashed after delivering election materials to Kasai region.

Fiston Mahamba, a journalist working with Reuters, Irin News and Editor at Politico.cd, says the plane crashed near the airport of Ijabumoye (Kinshasa) while leaving the city of Tshikapa (Kasaï).

He said no one survived of the seven people who were in the plane.

He identified the crashed plane as an Antonov 26–the apparatus built in 1984 accumulated 34 years of service (serial number: 13402),

The aircraft was chartered by Ceni (Independent National Electoral Commission) for the transportation of electoral equipment.

The plane successively flew to the late Blue Airlines (9 Q-Czo Then 9 SAZO) then gomair (9 SAGB).

According to the first information, the device lost contact with the control tower at 20 NM (40km) while it was allowed to descend to 5000 Feet for an approach procedure on track 06 From Kinshasa airport.

Visibility was relatively low on the ground since Thursday morning.

The Cargo Commercial Device, registered 9 Sagb (former 9 SAZO) was flying between Tshikapa (Fzuk), head of the province of Kasai province and Kinshasa (Fzaa), the capital.

It was first reported missing after delivering materials for an upcoming presidential election.

The Congolese aviation firm whose cargo plane later confirmed that the plane had crashed.

Gomair’s financial director, Jean de Dieu Gato Karekezi, told Reuters by telephone on Friday that he did not yet have any information about casualties.

“We are still conducting research so we are not able to give precise details on whether the plane went lost or it has crashed,” Karekezi said.

The aircraft was recently operated by the Gomair Company after flying under the former blue airlines airline.

It’s impossible for now to say the exact cause of the crash.

Delayed elections

DR Congo’s troubled journey to elect a successor to President Joseph Kabila hit a fresh snag Thursday, three days before voting, as electoral supervisors ordered a week-long postponement after a fire destroyed polling equipment.

The head of the Independent National Election Commission (CENI), Corneille Nangaa, said a warehouse fire on December 13 had destroyed voting machines and ballot papers for the capital Kinshasa.

“The presidential, legislative and provincial elections will therefore take place on December 30, 2018,” Nangaa said. “The electoral process continues,” he insisted.




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