Bugema University bans sexy tops, make-up, mini-skirts

No miniskirts at Bugema university

Bugema University has banned female students from wearing make-up, mini-skirts, ear-rings, necklaces, bangles, sleeveless, open tops, coloured nail varnish and trousers.

“No student should come back with the above mentioned next semester. Culprits will face university disciplinary committee for serious action,” reads a notice issued by management.

According to the university dean of students, George Mupaghasi, the ban is meant to restore moral culture in the institution which had fallen to indecent dressing.

No more make-up at Bugema university

Students will also give the university management prior notice before going anywhere out of campus so that when a student gets a problem along the way, the institution would be able to take responsibility.

The ban whose implementation started on Wednesday, 12, December, 2018, affects borders and day scholars alike.

Bugema started as a training school for teachers and Pastors for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1948.

Bugema changed its name from Bugema Missionary Training School to Bugema Missionary College and then to Bugema Adventist College.

Although the institution had applied to offer Theology degrees, in 1976, the Ministry of Education and Sports, and the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist, cleared the college to start offering bachelor’s degrees in different disciplines.



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