Bobi Wine can defeat Museveni in an election- Sejusa

Gen David Sejusa

Former coordinator of intelligence services in UPDF, Gen David Sejusa alias Tinyefuza, believes Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi can win an election against President Museveni.

“Mr Kyagulanyi is a young man and he can win an election in 2021,” Sejusa said in a series of tweets.

“But I think right now he should concentrate more on building the capacity to take power not to win an election.”

According to Sejusa, what matters most is not winning an election but being able to enter state house.

He said in in 2006, former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye won the election but he failed to enter state house.

“In 1980, Museveni never concentrated on winning an election but building the capacity to enter state house.”

Commenting on the #Twebereremu saga, Sejusa said the problem is that elite is marginally better than the peasants they struggle to lead.

“To me, Bobi Wine has been trying to advance ideology of self-reliance! That can’t be tribal and not new either. In North Korea was Juche!”

He then lashed at Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine who has made it a habit to frame and sabotage Bobi Wine at every chance he gets.

“Gen Tumwine spelt it out! If guns were planted on him in Arua, people who do that, how can you expect better? That is living in denial.”

He quoted Sarah Dessen, an American novelist who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“In her “Lock and key” Sarah Dessen says “If you expect the worst, you’ll never be disappointed”. So its trench warfare, no less!”

He went on: “You may not like it when Gen Tumwine calls it “occupational hazard”, but give it to General for being truthful! He meant, IN THEIR WORLD, if you want their “their power” come ENTER THE DEN..!”

As such, Sejusa went on, Bobi Wine can’t expect less. Not at all.

“But what’s complicated about Bobi Wine situation? Nothing! Baffles me when I see the panic!”

Sejua says Gen Tumwine didn’t spend five years in Bush looking for money?

“He is lucky to be alive! Thousands died in our place! Looking at the scars all over my body, my late father, shaking his head, would greet me, “How are you BITULI-BINGI (that many-holed bicycle spanner!)”

Sejusa says yesterday’s revolutionaries can turn into today/future villains just as today’s villain can be tomorrow’s savour.

“Such is the unstable identity of man! But betrayal has cost too, you die internally! Been thinking alot, about what really happened etc.”

“And I came across CLAUSTROPHOBIA; fear of having no escape. It results in anxiety disorder, many times resulting in SEVERE PANIC ATTACK. Seen panic over Bobi Wine? And can make many mistakes. So Complicated!”

According to him, NRA Generals are not seeking for amnesty because the obsession to try them instead of looking for solution is sweet night dream “if you can’t have power!”

“If i were you, would first see how to get power. The rest is child talk! But we have no power to change the past. But have power shape the present and future. Let them deal with the present which is roasting them! The rest will follow. That’s how struggles are done!”




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