Wakiso: Nakalema raids land offices, SFC grabs officials

Lt Col Edith Nakalema

The Head  of  State  House  Anti-Corruption  Department  Lt  Col  Edith  Nakalema  with  her  team  have today  arrested  suspects  at  Wakiso Lands  Zonal offices located at district  headquarters.

The unit started by deploying Special Forces Command (SFC) soldiers, regular army and police to seal off the entrances and exits.

They then moved in and grabbed the officials like grasshoppers, before bundling them in vehicles and whisking them away.

“Why should your offices be closed on a working day and you are inside comfortably sitting as people line up for services outside. Is that right for a Public office?” Nakalema questioned the officials.

She said the newly launched anti-corruption unit was working on a response from an officer at the Land’s office.

“It is not right but it depends on the staffing level.”

Nakalema was accompanied by officials from the attorney general’s office.

President Museveni appointed Nakalema head of State House anti-corruption task force last week following numerous complaints of corruption against government officials.



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