Museveni’s fear has cost me billions- Bobi Wine

Cartoon by Meddie Spire Ssentongo [The Observer cartoonist]

Kyadondo East singing MP Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert aka Bobi Wine says the regime has cost him billions of cash in blocked or banned music concerts.

“We have been performing for over 20 years and procedure has been clear,” Bobi Wine told NBS television on Thursday morning.

“All of a sudden, police decided Bobi Wine cannot sing because they have an order from above [President Museveni]

Bobi Wine said his music career does not benefit only him.

“Over 200 people benefit when I have a concert such as the Djs, boda boda people, bouncers and people who sell different food stuffs among others.”

He said the police are only blocking his music because they disagree with him.

“We have lost billions. Music is my profession and my family survives on it.”

He added: “There is nothing I am not doing right. I am doing everything the way it should be done.”

Host: When you read between the lines, who is blocking you?

Bobi Wine: The regime.

Host: Are you paying the cost of politics?

Bobi Wine: I am paying the cost of a failed state. I had always been watching what happens to people who do the same like Kizza Besigye [former presidential candidate] and Erias Lukwago [Kampala Mayor] and I knew this regime is in fear.

Bobi Wine promised to continue fighting for his rights and “we shall get our freedom or die trying”.

Host: How did you manage to escape from the police in Jinja?

Bobi Wine: I am a bad boy from Kamwokya. I am a ghetto boy. Police should start acting like a real respectable police force.



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