SFC bans NBS TV journalist Sabiti from entering State House

Sabiti Joseph

State House has banned NBS TV journalist, Joseph Sabiti, from covering events that feature President Museveni.

This comes shortly after a December 10, 2018 incident in which Sabiti found himself caught up in a hot exchange with the country’s president.

Sabiti who describes himself as a “journalist and patriot” rose to ask a question while Museveni addressed press after launching the anti-corruption unit at Kololo independence grounds.

Museveni shot down the journalist saying “NBS is a bad television”. “Bad, bad, bad, bad, ba—aad! I know whom it is loyal to.”

Museveni went on: “And they must change because that game also is finished. The game of thinking that Ugandans [we] shall work hard and then you parasites will go on misrepresenting our work.”

He added: “You don’t have that right. You have the right to report the truth. Okay? Better watch out.”

Sabiti banned

On Tuesday, Museveni was launching the steering committee for national dialogue at State House Entebbe.

As usual, Sabiti represented NBS television to cover the event.

When he reached at State House, Special Forces Command [SFC] soldiers who guard the president blocked him from entering.

They openly told the journalist that he was not allowed in the room where the president would launch the national dialogue process.

This is the exchange:

SFC soldier: Where is Joseph?

Sabiti: Right here sir!

SFC Soldier: You are not allowed in, you are staying here.

Sabiti: Most obliged sir.

After launching the dialogue, Museveni said he was delighted to take part in this process of national dialogue, as an opportunity to engage people of differing viewpoints and also offer viewpoints.

“The intended result is that the opportunistic groups that are trying to emphasize identity clusters and eclipse our interests as a nation, shall once again be defeated.”



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