Many cars mean peace: Museveni unveils Shs295bn Kampala flyover

Museveni flags off Kampala flyover

President Yoweri Museveni has Wednesday the Kampala Flyover Project which is financed through the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA).

Japan is extending an untied loan amount of Japanese Yen (JPY) 199.89m at an annual interest rate of 0.01%.

The Contractor will take the HIV/AIDS prevention programme such as advocacy activities, Voluntary Testing & Counselling, & condom distribution through local HR.

Relocation of utilities & the Clock tower will be undertaken prior to commencement of Works.

The Kampala Fly over Project has been divided into 2 civil works contracts, namely Lot-1 (Package 1: Clock Tower Flyover and Package 2: Nsambya Road) and Lot-2 (Package 3: Kitgum House Flyover).

While Lot-2 package 3 contract is undergoing design review due to interface with the SGR project, the Lot 1, package 1 and 2 have been contracted to Ms Shimizu-Konoike JV at a contract price of Uganda Shillings 295 Billion equivalent to USD 80.541 million.

President Museveni says Ugandans also help Japan, by buying their vehicles and machinery. “It’s a win-win for both countries.”

Before independence, the President says he had never seen Japan vehicles being driven in Uganda.

“Japan has helped us separate Kampalans from travellers who are going through Kampala. It is kit only the Kampala Flyover, the Japan Government helped us with the Source Of The Nile Bridge and other roads.”

Museveni said the role of the fly over is to separate motor users passing through Kampala and those using Kampala.

“After the SGR, we shall be able to separate cargo from passengers. Cargo will be transported using ferries and the trains.”

In the future, Boda Bodas cyclists should start using tricycles, which carry more people. This will also lessen traffic congestion, he advised.

Museveni says KACITA is starting to tire him by importing products. He says these imported products can be manufactured by Ugandans here in Uganda.

According to the President, traffic congestion in the cities is brought by 3 people; 1. Ugandans who engage in bar hopping 2. Travellers moving from village to Village but pass via Kampala. 3. Carriers (lorry drivers & truck drivers among others).

“After all the infrastructure development and construction of roads upcountry, we’re now left with the Karamoja region.”

He said the increasing purchase of cars by Ugandans explains the existence of peace and the need to construct more roads for better infrastructure.

“I don’t know if you people of Kampala know how to slaughter cows. In my village, we peel off the skin first. In terms of movement, we peeled off the Uganda skin first [Malaba high way].”

President Museveni’s message to the public: “In case you see any suspicious people, please inform and cooperate with the Police. That way, we shall defeat the killers.”




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