We must unite behind Bobi Wine, says Mao

MP Bobi Wine still on police music ban [cartoon by Chris Ogon/Daily Monitor]

Democratic Party [DP] President Norbert Mao says it is not enough to just condemn state harassment of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Mao was commenting on the manhunt and roadblocks police mounted in Jinja town with the aim of arresting Bobi Wine just after blocking his music show at Queens Palace.

Police raided City Hotel where he was residing, arrested his team, beat them and forcefully drove them out of town towards Lugazi on gun-point.

“The illegal ban by security forces on Bobi Wine’s musical performances is unacceptable and I condemn it,” Mao said.

He added: “But we can do more than condemning.”

Mao used an analogy saying the curses of a mother hen does not kill the greedy kite.

“We need a joint plan. Then organise. Stop infighting. Unity and mutual respect!”

In his own words, Bobi Wine described Uganda’s police force as “pathetic, partisan, incompetent and shameful”.

“Uganda Police, what a shame that you constantly allow yourselves to be used to break the law!” he said.

He added: “Last night you once again exposed your partisanship, gross incompetence and a pathetic derogation from your oath to serve all Ugandans without fear, favour or ill will, and to abide by the Constitution of this land.”

Bobi Wine said that after the raid, the wanainchi in Jinja made it possible for him to elude police and “any evil plans you harboured”.

In a recent interview, former Vice President, Prof Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya, said Uganda will be in the hands of a young man called Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine come 2021 presidential elections.

Bukenya told BBS television that God has appeared to him and told him “the next president of Uganda will be Bobi Wine”.

“Considering the 2021 presidency, the ball will be in the hands of a young man. I’m telling you,” Bukenya told the television.



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