Museveni uses bribes, army to remain in power-Bishop

Bishop Zac Niringiye

Retired assistant Anglican Bishop of Kampala, Dr Zac Niringiye, says the Inter-party Organisation for Dialogue [IPOD] summit that sat in Munyonyo should have discussed President Museveni’s abuse of power and his exit plan from State House.

“I have learnt of the MoU signed by IPOD and it clarifies what an IPOD summit should look like. What happened was a meeting that involved for principles you cannot call it a summit,” Zac said Monday while appearing on NBS television.

He said there is no doubt that a political dialogue is necessary, but the question is for what?

To him, the biggest question should be the transition of power from Gen. Museveni.

“Museveni does not play by the rules, he is up to something and he said it (I am not about to retire-President Museveni). He is the same person who said he will crush political parties. The key issue to discuss is the abuse of power.”

On the Anti-corruption unit, Zac said the primary crisis Ugandans face is abuse of power.

“Leadership creates culture. Corruption continues to exist because of acceptance of a status quo that shouldn’t be accepted.”

He said Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema was honest when she said that she is going to begin with State House when handling issues of corruption.

“Every problem that comes up, Gen. Museveni throws UPDF soldiers around. All this is corruption and abuse of power. Militarism is part of the corruption scandal.”

He added: “We have heard Museveni say we have thieves in leadership but the people he says are thieves are appointed by him.”

According to Zac, Museveni has a credibility crisis. 35 years in power and the government has become more corrupt.

“Corruption is the way Museveni retains political power. Let us work hard as a country and peacefully remove president Museveni and his leadership from power.”

Deputy government spokesperson, Col. Shaban Bantariza, who was appearing on the same TV, said politics is the art of the possible; it is a give and take.

“If Museveni has said let me attend this summit, why don’t you come and tell him off? This was an opportunity for all of us to know what was agreed on and what shall be implemented.”

He said for many decades, citizens did not trust the government.

“Today, they do trust the government and that is why you hear them saying “Government etuyambe”.”



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