Christmas: IGP Ochola orders police to secure highways

IGP Okoth Ochola

The Inspector General of Police [IGP] Okoth Ochola has lauded the force for enhancing traffic and road safety campaigns across the country through sensitisation of motorist, visibility on the roads and stepping up patrols on the roads and high ways.

The Integrated Highway Patrol Unit will coordinate with the territorial command to secure high ways and allow people to travel safely, Ochola said in his “Festive Message”.

“Equally, we shall strategically deploy to avert possible accidents at black spots and stop drunken driving. FIKA SALAAMA operations too have been enhanced and well-coordinated.”

He said the festive season attracts a lot of excitement driving people to behave recklessly.

The UPF has pursued several initiatives this year to disseminate crime prevention messages to the various segments of the community.

“For example, there were toll free lines, Station Counter numbers and official lines issued to the general public. Please make maximum use of them.”

The year 2018 has had many policing challenges. These include among others: murders, kidnaps, thefts targeting local and foreign investors, fire outbreaks, water and road accidents due to indiscipline by road users.

“As we get into the festive mood, I wish to caution and urge motorists across the country to be disciplined and follow the traffic laws.”

He said police has made special provisions and compiled traffic management plans to ensure a smooth flow of traffic during these holidays.

“Our roads will be busy this time of the year with people travelling to various destinations.”

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, so I appeal to all motorists to exercise extreme caution while travelling on the road, obey speed limits, fasten your seatbelts, do not drive under the influence of alcohol, ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and be patient with other road users.”

Police also issued guidelines on those that will be going to the beaches and places of entertainment.

Event organizers and managers have equally been guided on the dos and don’ts to ensure everyone’s security and safety, especially revellers.

Parents are implored to talk to their children and guide them to take care and responsibility of what happens around them.

Communities and neighbourhoods must work together to discuss and address the security concerns in their localities and the local police will help out as they have been guided.

He reminded Police commanders and those in specialised units including and not limited to Marines, Fire Brigade and Rescue services, K9, Counter terrorism, Air Wing and traffic Police around the country to map out their areas of operation, study the profiles of residents, deploy adequately and secure the festive season through direct operations and community engagement.

“While I am confident that the Police will continue to engage the public to raise crime prevention awareness, I would like to urge all of you to play your part as crime prevention is a shared responsibility.”

“If everyone plays their part, criminals would have less opportunity to harm our loved ones and steal our valuables.”



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