Busoga premier: I’m living my dream thanks to Miss Africa Quiin

Busoga Kingdom premier Joseph Muvawala

Dr Joseph Muvawala, the Busoga Kingdom Prime Minister, says the mere mention of Quiin Abenakyo’s name, evokes feelings of unexplainable pride in him.

Muvawala who doubles as the Executive Director of National Planning Authority (N.P.A), was the key speaker at the Kampala Serena hotel dialogue aimed at encouraging youth to live their dreams.

Muvawala, a Public Sector Economist, lauded the reigning Miss Uganda for following her heart and ultimately winning the Miss World Africa crown at Miss World competitions in China.

“I come from Busoga region so when anyone now talks about Quiin Abenakyo, I feel like I am living my dream,” Muvawala confessed.

“Quiin Abenakyo has already won Miss World 2018 Africa. She is among the top 5 finalist and now eyeing Miss Universe….a blessing to Busoga and Uganda at large,” Muvawala tweeted on December 8.

He was later quoted by a Vision Group tabloid, The Kampala Sun, saying the kingdom wants Quiin to marry the Kyabazinga of Busoga, Gabula Nadiope William Kadhumbula IV.

Invest in youth

Speaking at Serena hotel, Muvawala said Uganda needs transformative education and this will give the country an autonomous thinking.

This will bring complex problem solving, emotional intelligence, human resource management, networking buildings among others, he explained. “We must invest in human capital where humans are the capital and the youth are the majority.”

Muwavala, a Public Sector Economist

He said Uganda can’t achieve the democratic dividend unless it consciously invest in the youth.

He explained that investing in youth should be in health, education and finance. It is costly but the benefits outweigh the costs.

“The youth have insufficient employable skills, they possess skills that aren’t compatible with available jobs. Therefore the jobs aren’t fully utilizing the youth. I think we should equip labour with the specific requisite knowledge and skills.”

He noted that the emphasis going forward should be how international qualifications are irrespective of what field it is, be it in farming, education and production among others.

“We want to let the youth lead the development of our country but how will you lead us when you are getting pregnant before 18 years, while you are dropping out of schools and while you have the education but are not competent.”

He added: “We must let the youth hold the keys to a number of boardrooms because their transformation power is better than ours that we had way back but as we give you this chance, you also must live responsibly.”



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