Kagame says neighbours funding FDLR, RNC rebels to oust him  


Rwanda President Paul Kagame says the Genocide did not start with Rwanda and end with Rwanda hence need to keep tabs on security developments in the region.

He was Friday addressing the nation at the #Umushyikirano2018, a forum that brings together stakeholders to discuss the state of national affairs.

“We have to work in a way where you feel accountable that if you do not do your job well then it will have consequences beyond yourself. You have to hold yourself and each other accountable,” he said.

“Think big, think beyond you as an individual. Think of others in the country and of where we are headed. That is what should define #Umushyikirano of this year.”

Kagame said it is the leaders’ responsibility to serve Rwandans, build the nation, to be united and to work with others.

Victoria University

“Let us keep moving forward and ignore any distraction that stands in the way of our goals.”

On whether there is a relationship between RDF Armed Exercises and relations in the region, Kagame said the exercise follows a period of training of armed forces and it is not the first time.

He said defence forces are there to defend the country; they must be prepared and equipped.

“There are those in the region and across the world who have been linked with our history, much as perpetrators were Rwandans. We have had invasions from neighbouring countries. Those challenges have been changing forms but they remained in substance as security threat.”

He added: When it comes to us, our history, we don’t take any security challenge lightly. They say once bitten, twice shy. We have had our taste of it, we wouldn’t want to be found wanting in terms of taking care of our security. Big or small, we will take care of it.”

Kagame said for example, the genocide did not start with Rwanda and end with Rwanda.

It has relationship with history of colonialism, religion and politics across the world, he explained.

In recent days, it involves so called human rights, the media, all those also have their own political stance.

“Foreign institutions got involved in Genocide, in order for them to have that higher moral ground they will tend to blame others except themselves, in order to absolve themselves so that they can easily be the judges.”

He said genocide originated from outside and that foreigners have continued to subtly get involved so that they retain the basis on which they are the ones to tell others what to do.

Kagame and Jeanette attending an event in Kigali

“That is how Rwandan cases always become high points of arguments and politics that cut across the globe.”

On security:

Kagame said Rwandan rebels based in Congo [FDLR] is working with Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and “some of our neighbours”.

The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda is an armed rebel group active in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

An ethnic Hutu group opposed to the ethnic Tutsi influence, the FDLR is one of the last factions of Rwandan génocidaires active in the Congo

“There are many other groups with different names. We will take care of that, the names and everything else,” Kagame said.

In June 2018, the Magistrates Court in Mbarara released 39 alleged Rwanda National Congress (RNC) recruits who had been in custody awaiting trial for breach of laws precluding refugees from involvement in criminal activities, including taking part in plans to overthrow another country, and using forged documents, among other violations.

The recruits were reportedly part of the group of 46 young men who were intercepted trying to cross at Kikagati, along the Uganda-Tanzania border, on December 11, 2017.

The young men appeared suspicious to Uganda immigration officers after the officers discovered that they were carrying fake travel documents.

Some of them claimed links with Uganda Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence [CMI] and that someone was waiting for them in Bujumbura to take them to the RNC training Centre in Minembwe, DRC via Bujumbura.

While at Isingiro police station, they revealed that they had been recruited from different places in Uganda (Nyakivala, Kiboga, Kibale, and Mubende) to join the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), and revealed their recruiters as Musoni Jeffrey, Moses Bijura, Felix Mwizerwa, and Dr. Sam Ruvuma.

Among the recruiters, only Musoni, a former Sgt deserter in the Rwanda Patriotic army (RPA), and Bijura, a pastor in Rubare, Ntungamo, were arrested at Kikagati.

Dr. Sam Ruvuma, a brother to Lt. Colonel Gideon Katinda of the military court, and Felix Mwizerwa, a son of Pastor Deo Nyirigira, also a known RNC coordinator in Mbarara, somehow managed to flee the scene at Kikagati, abandoning the young recruits there.




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